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    Xiamen City Hung Shunde Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.  3C775  China
    Xiamen Honghai Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Tire Bead Ring Machinery
Tire Building Machine
Tire Curing Press
Hydraulic Pressure Autoclave
Tire Inner Tube, Flap Machinery
Bladder Press
Other Auxiliary Equipments
 3C571  China
    Xiamen XingChangJia Non-Standard Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Other Mechanics
 2C769  China
    XIN JI DA PTE. LTD.  1A108  
    Xinbex Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.  1A101  
    Xinxiang Xinyutian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.  4C320  
    Xishuangbanna Shunda Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.  2B759  China
    Xiwu Industry and Tech Co., Ltd.
Other Auxiliary Equipments
 3C485  China

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